Foton Innovations

Foton Innovations

Foton Innovations

Intelligent Driving

Leading forward to the commercial vehicle mobility and intelligence.

Foton has made constant breakthroughs in the automatic driving field from 2016. In 2016, Foton took the lead in releasing unmanned trucks in China. In 2018, Foton developed into the first enterprise to be awarded an automatic driving road test license in the Commercial Vehicle sector of China. To date, it has put L3 automatic driving into use. Foton enabled the intelligent sharing of safe, comfort, energy saving and efficient driving between vehicles and people, other vehicles and roads.

Research and Development

Technology and Humanity

With truck platooning, three or more vehicles are electronically coupled to one another at distances of 17.5m at a constant speed of 60 km/h. The slipstream effect increases traffic safety, allows fuel saving and reduces CO2 emissions. Using the manual driving mode of the lead truck, rear trucks can realise real-time acceleration, deceleration, steering and other automatic driving in a queue according to the inputs of the preceding car through a network connection function.

Intelligent Driving​

Human, Truck and Road

Foton has launched China’s first autonomous truck in 2016. Information is shared between human, truck and road for safe, comfortable, energy saving and efficient driving via IOV, extensive data and the application of L3 autonomous driving. Mass production of autonomous trucks is estimated to begin in 2025


IFOTON, a leading IOV service provider connecting human, vehicle and terminal, based on IOV, extensive data and a cloud platform to share real time information. Quickly communicating with the world and optimising vehicle Reaearch and Development, Manufacturing, Marketing and Service so enabling the users to acquire intelligent operation and control and an interconnection experience that is beyond vehicle driving. IFOTON provides integral IOV solutions to Foton vehicles, customers from the industry, agents as well as suppliers, partners and governments.